OSRAM SFH 4715AS-EA 850nm IR LED on MOSLED EXTREME ( mosX ) ceramic insulation MCPCB 20mm

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New, higher bin of 4715-AS! (EA variant)

This is high power, high efficiency 850nm infra red emitter from OSRAM mounted top mosX 20mm PCB – highest performance PCB available for OSRAM IR LEDs.

Tests show light output gain up to 15% compared to commonly used copper XP (non-DTP) PCBs; performance difference is even higher if mosX is compared to Bergquist MCPCB.

mosX PCBs are made from aluminum with chemically grown aluminum oxide ceramic (alumina) as insulation layer, which is excellent thermal conductor compared to even best classical MCPCB insulation layers (epoxy+ ceramic powder).

Note: Due to very high thermal conductivity on whole board area, soldering wires is more challenging; one simple solution is to preheat PCB with hot air or with soldering iron (by holding iron tip on + or – pad) and then solder wires. During soldering, PCB must be thermally insulated(piece of thick paper is good enough) from any thermally conductive objects.


These LEDs emits high power non-visible infrared light which can cause eye damage!

Do not look at powered emitter, keep away from children, use carefully!

  • Footprint compatible with OSRAM OSLON BLACK, BLACK FLAT, LUXEON IR
  • Aluminum oxide ceramic insulation layer – extremely low thermal resistance
  • Aluminum core – 3.3 times lighter compared to copper PCBs (1.25grams)
  • 70um copper traces
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Milled edge – flat bottom side
  • Diameter: 20.0±0.15mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  •  Dominant wavelength: 850nm
  • Forward voltage: 3,16V @1A
  • Maximum current(manufacturer spec.): 1,5A
  • Total radiant flux @1,0A: 1340mW typ.
  • Total radiant flux @1,5A: 2000mW typ.
  • Allowable current on mosX PCB: 2,0-2,8A


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