OSRAM KW CULNM1.TG (1mm2 die) on 16mm 4040 DTP MCPCB


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LED specifications:

  • 1mm2 die
  • Perfectly square emitting surface
  • Extremely low forward voltage at high currents (lowest per mm2 among LEDs)
  • 3300mA max. “factory” drive current, up to ~6.25Amps and ~1100lm on DTP PCB
  • 4040 footprint – compatible with L4P 4040  copper DTP boards (NOT compatible with mosX 4040 boards)
  • Factory undomed – small LES, better tint/color over angle uniformity
  • Part number: KW CULNM1.TG
  • BIN code: 5Q-ebvF46-B5-C00
  • Flux bin : 5Q (710-800lm@3000mA)
  • Vf bin :     B5 (3.25V-3.50V@3000mA)
  • Soldered ( Pb-free SnAgCu solder) on L4P 4040 16mm DTP copper MCPCB
  • Optional 100kOhm NTC temp. sensor on PCB

LED datasheet: https://led4power.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/KW-CULNM1.TG_.pdf

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