OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG (2mm2 die) on 20mm 3030 DTP MCPCB


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OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG is bigger version of famous OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG (otherwise known as “WHITE FLAT”), currently LED with highest luminance (cd/mm2).  High luminance LED gives narrow beam and long beam range.

Initial tests show peak of ~1550-1600lm @8.5A with Vf of only 3,30V.

Vf is extremely low for 2mm2 die LED thanks to the reduced resistance of current carrying elements.

Emitting surface is rectangular (1.59×1.25mm), without any “mouse bite” corners and wire shadows like on BLACK FLAT or XP-G2.

Also,the biggest difference compared to BLACK FLAT is thermal pad, which is ELECTRICALLY NEUTRAL, this means you can use this LED 3030 DTP boards – there is no need for LED PCB/driver GND isolation.

LED specifications:

  • 2mm2 die
  • Rectangular 1.59×1.25mm emitting surface
  • Extremely low forward voltage at high currents (lowest per mm2 among LEDs)
  • 5A max. “factory” drive current(~1250lm), up to 8.5Amps and ~1550-1600lm on DTP PCB
  • 3030 footprint – compatible with L4P 3030 DTP boards
  • Factory undomed – small LES, better tint/color over angle uniformity
  • Part number: KW CSLPM1.TG
  • BIN code: 5P-ebxD46-15-A40
  • Flux bin : 5P (450-500lm@1400mA)
  • Vf bin :     15 (2.75V-3.00V)


  • Soldered ( Pb-free SnAgCu solder) on L4P 3030 20mm DTP copper MCPCB
  • Optional 100kOhm NTC temp. sensor on PCB



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