OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG (2mm2 die) on 16mm 3030 DTP MCPCB 5850K (6P flux bin)


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OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG is bigger version of famous OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG (otherwise known as “WHITE FLAT”), currently LED with highest luminance (cd/mm2).  High luminance LED gives narrow beam and long beam range.

Vf is extremely low for 2mm2 die LED thanks to the reduced resistance of current carrying elements.

Emitting surface is rectangular (1.59×1.25mm), without any “mouse bite” corners and wire shadows like on BLACK FLAT or XP-G2.

Also,the biggest difference compared to BLACK FLAT is thermal pad, which is ELECTRICALLY NEUTRAL, this means you can use this LED with 3030 DTP boards – there is no need for LED PCB/driver GND isolation.


LED specifications:

  • 2mm2 die
  • Rectangular 1.59×1.25mm emitting surface
  • Extremely low forward voltage at high currents (lowest per mm2 among LEDs)
  • 5A max. “factory” drive current(~1250lm), up to 8.5Amps and ~1550-1600lm on DTP PCB
  • 3030 footprint – compatible with L4P 3030 boards
  • Factory undomed – small LES, better tint/color over angle uniformity
  • Part number: KW CSLPM1.TG
  • BIN code: 6P-ebzB46-15-A40
  • Flux bin : 6P (500 – 560lm@1400mA)
  • CCT bin:   5600K – 6100K ( 5850K typ. )
  • Vf bin :     15 (2.75V – 3.00V)
  • Soldered ( Pb-free SnAgCu solder) on L4P 3030 16mm DTP copper MCPCB
  • Optional 100kOhm NTC temp. sensor on PCB


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