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These high performance metal core PCBs except for LEDs, also have footprints for external power MOSFET  and NTC temperature sensor on single board, and they are compatible with LD-B4 driver. MOSFET on such MCPCB has best possible thermal contact with flashlight body, so it can dissipate a lot of power without overheating, which is very important when driving modern low Vf LEDs like Luxeon V, SST-40, Nichia 219C, CREE XP-G3, XP-L2 at currents up to 5A. MOSLED PCBs are made from aluminum with high performance insulation layer, and tests show they perform significantly better than copper NON-DTP boards, and they are close to DTP copper MCPCBs performance. At 3A per LED, difference in brightness compared to DTP copper PCB is only 2,3% (copper NON-DTP gives 3,8% lower output).

MOSLED MCPCBs are over 3 times lighter compared to copper DTP and NON-DTP boards, which makes them especially suitable for headlamps and EDC lights.

Note 1: Due to high thermal conductivity on whole board area, soldering wires is more challenging; one simple solution is to preheat PCB with hot air or with soldering iron (by holding iron tip on + or – pad) and then solder wires. During soldering, PCB must be thermally insulated(piece of thick paper is good enough) from any thermally conductive objects.

Note 2: White dot marks close to LED footprint represent LED anode!

Note 3: MOSLED boards can be also used as normal MCPCBs without MOSFET, in that case MOSFET footprint should be shorted with metal/0 Ohm jumper.

  • 5050 XM footprint
  • compatible with LD-B4 driver
  • High performance insulation layer – very low thermal resistance
  • Aluminum core – 3.3 times lighter compared to copper PCBs (1.25grams)
  • Power MOSFET footprint, 0402 NTC sensor fooprint on board (1-wire NTC connection support)
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Milled edge – flat bottom side
  • Diameter: 20.0±0.15mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm


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