MOSLED EXTREME ( mosX ) ceramic insulation 6XV (ANNA) 4040 hex MCPCB 34.0mm


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These very high performance metal core PCBs except for LEDs, also have footprints for external power MOSFET  and NTC temperature sensor on single board, and they are compatible with LD-B4 driver. MOSFET on such MCPCB has best possible thermal contact with flashlight body, so it can dissipate a lot of power without overheating, which is very important when driving modern low Vf LEDs like Luxeon V, SST-40, Nichia 219C, Samsung 351B/C/D, CREE XP-G3, XP-L2…

mosX PCBs are made from aluminum with chemically grown aluminum oxide ceramic (alumina) as insulation layer, which is excellent thermal conductor compared to even best classical MCPCB insulation layers (epoxy+ ceramic powder).

Advantages over copper DTP are:

  • electrically insulated – it’s possible to use LEDs and other components with electrically non-insulated thermal pad,like OSRAM Oslon (IR,white), while maintaining DTP – like performance
  • very flat surface – this is important for very small LED packages
  • lower mass – may be beneficial in headlamps
  • higher temperature insulator resistance – because there are no laminated epoxy based layers, ceramic insulator cannot be damaged due to excessive heat

6XV (ANNA) mosX MCPCBs are compatible with LEDIL ANNA-6-xx (or ANNA-7-xx) optics series, and they fit into Convoy C8 light (spacer is required).

With mosX MCPCBs and LD-B4 triple or quad LED builds are fast and easy, and more important – reliable because of real constant current driving/limiting.

Note 1: Black dot marks close to LED footprint represent LED cathode!

Note 2: MOSLED boards can be also used as normal MCPCBs without MOSFET, in that case MOSFET footprint should be shorted with metal/0 Ohm jumper.

  • compatible with 4040 footprint LEDs (parallel connection)
  • compatible with LEDIL ANNA-6-xx/ANNA-7-xx  optics
  • compatible with LD-B4 driver
  • Aluminum oxide ceramic insulation layer – extremely low thermal resistance
  • Aluminum core – 3.3 times lighter compared to copper PCBs (3.5grams)
  • Power MOSFET footprint, 0402 NTC sensor fooprint on board (1-wire NTC connection support),3-pin JST connector footprint for easy and fast signal wires connection
  • 70um copper traces
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Milled edge – flat bottom side
  • Big 5.5mm center hole
  • Diameter: 34.0mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm


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