MOSLED 3XP triple MCPCB 20mm (clearance sale)

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These high performance metal core PCBs except for LEDs, also have footprints for external power MOSFET  and NTC temperature sensor on single board, which makes them ideal for very high power multi-LED  builds with LD-B4 driver. MOSFET on such MCPCB has best possible thermal contact with flashlight body, so it can dissipate a lot of power without overheating, and connecting NTC temp. sensor to driver is very easy. MOSLED PCBs are made from aluminum with high performance insulation layer, and tests show they perform significantly better than copper NON-DTP boards, and they are close to DTP copper MCPCBs performance. At 3A per LED, difference in brightness compared to DTP copper PCB is only 2,3% (copper NON-DTP gives 3,8% lower output).

MOSLED MCPCBs are over 3 times lighter compared to copper DTP and NON-DTP boards, which makes them especially suitable for headlamps and EDC lights.

3XP and 4XP MOSLED MCPCB are compatible with Carclo 105xx and 106xx optics series.

With MOSLED MCPCB and LD-B4  triple or quad LED builds are fast and easy, and more important – reliable because of real constant current driving/limiting.

Note 1: Due to high thermal conductivity on whole board area, soldering wires is more challenging; one simple solution is to preheat PCB with hot air or with soldering iron (by holding iron tip on + or – pad) and then solder wires. During soldering, PCB must be thermally insulated(piece of thick paper is good enough) from any thermally conductive objects.

Note 2: White dot marks close to LED footprint represent LED anode!

Note 3: MOSLED boards can be also used as normal MCPCBs without MOSFET, in that case MOSFET footprint should be shorted with metal/0 Ohm jumper.

  • compatible with 3535 XP footprint LEDs (parallel connection)
  • compatible with Carclo triple 105xx  optics
  • compatible with LD-B4 driver
  • High performance insulation layer – very low thermal resistance
  • Aluminum core – 3.3 times lighter compared to copper PCBs (1.25grams)
  • Power MOSFET footprint, 0402 NTC sensor fooprint on board (1-wire NTC connection support)
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Milled edge – flat bottom side
  • Diameter: 20.0±0.15mm
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Center hole diameter: 3.8mm




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