LUXEON V 4000K – 5700K 70CRI LED – bare


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  • First 4mm^2 die LED from Lumileds
  • Extremely low forward voltage: long run-times on high currents with stable brightness when used with CC linear drivers, easy to achieve high drive currents
  • Highest “factory” max. drive current among 4mm^2 LEDs: 5,0 Amps
  • Record-low thermal resistance of 0.8C/W : ~3 times lower compared to other 4mm^2 die leds ( XP-L 2.2C/W, SST-40 2.5C/W) – lower chip temperature, better efficiency and lumen output at high drive currents
  • Superior tint quality and beam uniformity compared to CREE LEDs
  • Part number(CCT 4000K): L1V1-407003V500000
  • Part number(CCT 5700K): L1V1-577003V500000
  • CRI: 70min.
  • Flux bin : W (570 – 600lm)
  • Vf bin :     F (2.65V-2.85V)
  • Lumen output @3A,85C : 1100lm