LD-A4 thermal enhancement kit for Convoy S2+


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This kit consists of two high performance 6W/mK 0.5mm thermal sheets and aluminum spacer. When properly installed, kit increases LD-A4’s max. power dissipation to 7Watts@60C (12Watts@25C) in Convoy S2+ host – which makes it perfect solution for driving very low Vf 3V LEDs  (Luxeon V, Luminus SST-40,Cree XP-L2,XP-G3…) on 16mm MCPCBs.

Installation instruction:

  • remove protection foil on one side from first sheet and place it on aluminum spacer
  • remove protection foil on the other side
  • remove excess sheet material from edge and around wire holes with scalpel
  • repeat the upper instructions for second sheet which goes one the other side of aluminum spacer*
  •  install “sandwich” made of sheets ans alu sapcer all in brass pill
  • install LD-A4 driver (some force is necessary to compress sheets)

*Instead of second sheet, high performance thermal paste can be used between aluminum spacer and pill




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