L4P 4040 20mm mosDTP (direct thermal path) copper MCPCB – clearance sale

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These very high performance copper metal core PCBs except for LEDs, also have footprints for external power MOSFET and NTC temperature sensor on single board, and they are compatible with LD-B4 driver.

Ultimate hybrid PCB with DTP central pad and high conductivity classic dielectric ensures best cooling of LED, and good enough cooling of power mosfet, which is very important when driving modern low Vf LEDs like Luxeon V, M, MX or MZ. Combination of LD-B4 and mosDTP greatly simplifies custom flashlight builds of high power and high reliability because of real constant current driving/limiting – with DD drivers most of these LEDs would either fail completely, or work at point of bad efficiency.

Because dielectric is not as thermally conductive as aluminum oxide, soldering wires is easier  compared to mosX boards.

  • Direct thermal path copper (400W/mK) metal core PCB
  • 12W/mK dielecetric conductivity for excellent MOSFET cooling
  • 4040 footprint – compatible with Luxeon V (L1V1), Luxeon M, Luxeon MX, Luxeon MZ
  • 0402 NTC footprint on board edge for accurate board temperature sensing – compatible with LD-A4,LD-B4 driver
  • Wide LED traces – minimal voltage drop
  • 70um copper traces
  • Gold plated soldering surfaces
  • Nickel plated flat bottom surface
  • Diameter: 20,0mm
  • Thickness:1,5mm

Note 1: White dot marks close to LED footprint represent LED cathode!

Note 2: MOSLED boards can be also used as normal MCPCB without MOSFET, in that case MOSFET footprint should be shorted with metal/0 Ohm jumper. Other option is to just solder negative wire to “M” pad on board.

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