ILC-1B illuminated tailcap DIY kit


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Datasheet download: ILC-1 datasheet (458 downloads)

ILC-1B DIY kit contains everything you need to build ILC-1 version without brass ring, at a significantly lower cost, and ability to install it in larger number of flashlight hosts due to smaller ~17mm diameter of both pcbs (ILC-1 with brass ring has ~18mm diameter). Because there is no brass ring, it’s required to glue top PCB to 1288 switch with epoxy glue, to prevent twisting of wires during installation.

Kit parts:

  • Bottom PCB with already soldered components (spring and switch not soldered),
  • 1288 OMTEN switch,
  • Top PCB with already soldered SMD components (except current set resistors),
  • Current set resistors (value based on selected)
  • Spring (not soldered),
  • 16x8mm translucent silicone tailcap.

Assembly instructions:

  • Sand PCB edges if diameter is larger than original tailcap PCB
  • Solder spring and switch on bottom PCB
  • Solder current set resistors on top side of top PCB
  • Solder other side of wires to bottom side of top PCB pads
  • Glue bottom side of top PCB to top surface of 1288 switch with epoxy glue



  • 8x LED (2×4) for maximum light uniformity
  • Constant current LED drive (2 separate channels) – stable tailcap brightness over voltage and temperature range
  • Closely matched LEDs by their Vf
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Low voltage protection
  • Easy constant current set via single 0603 resistor on top PCB (per channel)
  • 8 basic LED colors available
  • Integrated OMTEN 1288 switch
  • 10mm diameter spring pad
  • Gold plated PCBs
  • Translucent tailcap button and spring included
  • Lead free

LED Color options:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Cool white
  • Warm white/Gold
  • Purple/pink
  • Ice blue/aqua

Electrical characteristics:

  • Input voltage: 2.8V-4.35V
  • Switch type: OMTEN 1288, reverse clicky switch
  • Switch rated current: 3A*( tested up to 12A )
  • Active state (operating) current: 4uA typ.
  • Sleep/off current: 1.5uA typ.
  • Step 1 LVP (reducing current) threshold: 3.0V+350xItotal
  • Step 2 LVP (shutdown) threshold: 3.0V typ.
  • Number of constant current outputs/channels: 2
  • Max. recommended current: 600uA total (channel1 + channel2)
  • Operating temperature: -20C – +60C

Mechanical characteristics:

  • Diameter: 17mm
  • Height(pcb): 7mm
  • Spring pad diameter: 10mm

Recommended LED currents:

If you don’t know what total illumination current you want, you can use these numbers as starting point:

  • GREEN – 120uA
  • RED – 600uA
  • BLUE – 280uA
  • ORANGE – 600uA
  • WHITE – 240uA
  • PURPLE/PINK – 400uA
  • ICE BLUE/AQUA – 400uA

At these currents, tailcaps are still visible under average indoor lightning conditions, so they are quite bright in dark. If you need maximum efficiency/lowest current consumption, green color is the best choice.



Installation instructions:

  • Unscrew flashlight tailcap and remove all original parts (tailcap button,washer,pcb with switch, retaining ring)
  • Insert translucent tailcap button into tailcap
  • Insert ILC-1 module
  • Screw original retaining ring back


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