ILC-0 illuminated tailcap switch module (default LEDs current)


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This listing is for ILC-0 module with default LEDs currents:

  • GREEN – 150uA
  • RED – 600uA
  • BLUE – 300uA
  • ORANGE – 600uA
  • WHITE – 300uA
  • PURPLE/PINK – 300uA
  • ICE BLUE/AQUA – 300uA

If you need other custom current setting, please see this listing: ILC-0 (custom LEDs current)

ILC-0 illuminated tailcap switch module is low cost version of ILC-1 with integrated reverse clicky switch, tailcap LED illumination and control electronics on single PCB . Depending on LEDs current and color, flashlights equipped with ILC-0 module can be visible not just in dark, but even under normal light conditions, which makes them easy to find and differentiate. LED tailcap illumination is usually much brighter compared to tritium vials, costs less and colors are more saturated.

With PCB diameter of 16.5mm, ILC-0 is compatible with many flashlights that use 16.0-17.0mm switch PCB diameter, and 14-16 silicone tailcap buttons. White PCB solder mask and white switch greatly improve light output and uniformity.

ILC-0 works well with  LD-A4 and LD-B4 drivers, but it would also work with any driver that has some sort of current bleeding (in case of resistor bleeding 300-450Ohm resistor is recommended).

Ultra-low power 1-channel circuitry drives 4 LEDs with approximately constant current, which ensures constant tailcap brightness, completely independent on battery voltage and bleeder resistance. LEDs current can be easily set with single 0603 resistor (max. 600uA is recommended). All LEDs are closely matched by their Vf , to ensure equal current distribution through each LED.

Also, very important feature is built-in 2-step low voltage protection which shuts down LEDs when battery voltage drops below 3.0V and protects battery from over-discharge; ILC-0 consumes only ~1.2uA in sleep mode.

  • 4x 0603 LED – very good light uniformity
  • Approx. constant current LED drive  – stable tailcap brightness independent of battery voltage
  • Closely matched LEDs by their Vf
  • Low voltage protection
  • Easy constant current set via single 0603 resistor
  • 8 basic LED colors available
  • OMTEN 1288 switch
  • 10mm diameter spring pad
  • Gold plated PCB
  • Included gold plated spring (loose)
  • Lead free
  • Low-cost, excellent price/performance
LED Color options:
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Cool white
  • Warm white/Gold
  • Purple/pink
  • Ice blue/aqua
Electrical characteristics:
  • Input voltage: 2.8V-4.35V
  • Switch type: OMTEN 1288, reverse clicky switch
  • Switch rated current: 3A*( tested up to 15A )
  • Active state (operating) current: 3.3uA typ.
  • Sleep/off current: 1.2uA typ.
  • Step 1 LVP (reducing current) threshold: 3.0V+350xILED(mA)
  • Step 2 LVP (shutdown) threshold: 3.0V typ.
  • Max. recommended LED current: 600uA
  • Operating temperature: -20C – +60C
Mechanical characteristics:
  • Diameter: 16.5±0.1mm
  • Height (total): 9.4±0.1mm
  • Spring pad diameter: 10mm
Note 1:

White or transparent plastic switch washer is required for proper operation (most Convoy lights now come with white plastic washers by default).

White washers give better uniformity of light at a cost of small drop in output.

Note 2:

Please use standard soldering iron for current set resistor change, don’t use hot air!

Current set resistor calculation equations :

Blue,White,Warm white,Pink,Ice blue colors :


Green color:


Red,Orange colors:



Installation instructions:
  • Unscrew flashlight tailcap and remove all parts (tailcap button,washer,pcb with switch, retaining ring)
  • If not installed, solder spring on ILC-0 bottom side
  • Insert translucent tailcap button into tailcap
  • Insert white/transparent plastic washer
  • Insert ILC-0 module
  • Screw retaining ring back


Additional information

Weight 5.5 g