High current gold plated phosphor bronze spring 12x9x1.2mm




  • Gold plated – corrosion resistant and easy to solder
  • High conductivity phosphor bronze material
  • Low resistance of ~7.8mOhm – can handle 10Amps (continuous current) without bypassing
  • Good memory comparable to steel springs
  • Higher reliability compared steel springs with wire bypass

Note: Stiffness of this spring is quite high and it should be used with heavier 26650 ( and larger ) cells. It can be used with smaller cells if flashlight is designed in a such a way that spring compression with batteries inserted is relatively small (2-3mm on each battery side). Not recommended to use this spring with small drivers (<22mm).


  • Bottom diameter: 9.0mm
  • Top diameter: 7.0mm
  • Height: 12.0mm
  • Wire diameter: 1.2mm

Additional information

Weight 1.5 g