Aluminum spacer for Eagle Eye X6 host (LEDIL CUTE-3/4 TIR optics compatible) – clearance sale

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This spacer is designed for Eagle Eye host in combination with LEDIL CUTE-3-xx or LEDIL CUTE-4-xx TIR optics.

Hollow brass screw enables easier build and more reliable thermal contact between host and pill.

To install this set in host, an 8.5-9.0mm hole must be drilled through center of host shelf.

Compatible PCBs and optic:

MOSFET pads on these boards should be shorted if PCB is not used with LD-B4 drivers.

Please add a note during order if you want LEDs+FET jumper already soldered on PCB.

Full kits compatible with LD-B4 driver (up to 30Amps) will be available soon.





Brass screw center hole: 5.3mm

Additional information

Weight 23.0 g