4x LUXEON MZ 5700K 90+CRI LED (LMZ9-QW57) on 20mm 4xV mosX MCPCB (with MOSFET+NTC) – clearance sale

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Luxeon MZ is the highest output compact 3V LED, this listing is for 5700K 90+CRI flavor, and top R flux bin! This is 1-2 bins higher than you can find on other places.

You can finally build lights which have both crazy output,excellent color rendering and tint uniformity.

This LED has extremely low Vf, lower than any other 3V LED, which is great for long regulation times at high currents with linear drivers such as LD-B4.

Luxeon MZ is factory undomed – effective LES area is identical to domed 4mm^2 LEDs such as CREE XP-L, XP-L2,XM-L2, Luminus SST-40, Luxeon V, and two times smaller compared to CREE XHP-50,XHP-50.2 ; this means you can still get decent throw in small lights, and high lumen output at the same time. Undomed architecture also means tint is much more uniform over view angle.

It’s recommended to use OP reflectors or patterned TIR optics to eliminate cross pattern which can occur with all multi-die LEDs when used with smooth reflectors or spot optics.

LED specifications:

  • 4x2mm^2 tightly packed dies
  • 3Volt LED  (parallel dies configuration)
  • Extremely low forward voltage (lowest among 3V LEDs): long run-times on high currents with stable brightness when used with CC linear drivers, easy to achieve high drive currents
  • 6A max. “factory” drive current, up to 16Amps and 3000+lm on DTP PCB
  • Low thermal resistance of 1.25C/W
  • 4040 footprint – compatible with all 4040 broads from my store
  • Factory undomed – small LES, better tint/color over angle uniformity
  • Part number: LMZ9-QW57
  • CCT: 5700K
  • CRI: 90min.
  • CAT code: R23G
  • Flux bin : R (840 – 900lm)@2800mA
  • Vf bin :     G (2.75V-2.88V)
  • Soldered ( Pb-free SnAgCu solder) on 20mm mosX 4xV MCPCB
  • 100kOhm NTC temp. sensor and MOSFET soldered by default
  • Compatible with Carclo quad 106xx optics

Test of lower binned sample (P or Q) by BLF member Maukka: Luxeon MZ 5700K 90CRI test BLF

Note1: this PCB has all components required for use with LD-B4 driver.

Note 2: Due to very high thermal conductivity on whole board area, soldering wires is more challenging; one simple solution is to preheat PCB with hot air or with soldering iron (by holding iron tip on + or – pad) and then solder wires. During soldering, PCB must be thermally insulated(piece of thick paper is good enough) from any thermally conductive objects.

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